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Special Projects


Old Town Scottsdale and Scottsdale Garden Clubs dedicated a Blue Star Memorial Marker during the annual Veteran’s Day celebration, November 11, 2014, at the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale. The Memorial Marker will honor our veterans and all those serving the United States Armed Forces. The planter is built of red brick and displays five stainless steel stars representing the five branches of the Armed Forces. The planter is filled with Russelia, or Firecracker Plant. An Education plaque was added and a bench has been placed on the sidewalk facing the memorial. Mayor Jim Lane opened the program and introduced the speakers: Carol Mossholder, AFGC President; Andrea Little, NGC Blue Star Chairman; and Capt. Steve Borden, Director of the Pat Tillman Veterans Center.



The Pennies for Pines jar is passed at all meetings to collect members’ loose change. We request that our donations be used by the National Forest Service to reforest burn areas here in Arizona.

In March, 2012, Scottsdale Garden Club held a major fundraiser "It's Raining Pennies for Pines" at the Mesa Country Club to raise money to help reforest Arizona's national forests that had been devastated by wildfires. It was attended by garden club members from around the state along with spouses and guests who enjoyed a chance to win gift baskets and purchase baked goods and garden items from the marketplace. Master Storyteller Dorothy Daniels Anderson entertained everyone with the dramatic story about the Prescott historic "No Tame House-Cat Woman" Sharlot Hall. The fundraiser was a big success and resulted in a $3500 donation from Scottsdale Garden Club to the National Forest Service.  The club continues raising funds for this project by passing a jar for contributions at every meeting


The Scottsdale Garden Club donates a tree to be planted at the Railroad Park every other year to commemorate Arbor Day. City officials, including the mayor of Scottsdale Jim Lane, spoke along with our club president Judy Shelton at the tree planting ceremony on April 13, 2016.The tree was a Chinese pistache.  This project is held every other year.