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Club Projects


                                                                  Continuing Projects

Project 1

 State Life Memberships-SGC continues to achieve its goal of 100% State Life Memberships for all active members who have been in the club for two or more years.

Project Leader: Evie Campbell - 100% participation

*Project 2              

Horticulture and Design Moments-The Chair or a member provides gardening and esign tips at monthly meetings.

Project Leader: Judy Shelton - Horticulture Chair and Judy Kennedy - Design Chair

*Project 3

Pennies for Pines

The Pennies for Pines jar is passed at all meetings to collect members’ loose change. Donations are used by the National Forest Service to reforest burn areas in Arizona. (100% participation)

*Project 4

Youth Gardening and Environmental Education: Woodsy Owl/Smokey Bear 

Gardening projects in elementary schools and NGC poster contest for grades 1-5.

Project Leader: Aurien Preiss

*Project 5

Membership Brochure

Members continue to distribute brochures to increase emebership and expand community awareness. 100% participation

Project 6

Medication Recycling

Members donate unused medications for the New Birth Mexican Mission

Project Leader : Evie Campbell

Project 7

School Gardening

Students at Cochise Elementary School grades 1-6 plant and maintain gardens at the school campus.  Students learn soil preparation, composting, propagation, nourishment, harvesting.  AMES Garden Tools donated tools for this garden as a NGC project.

Project Leader: Aurien Preiss

*Project 8

Horticulture Therapy with nursing facility residents

Monthly hands on projects are planned for the residents of a  Phoenix care facility

Project Leaders: Joan Pagoda, Evie Campbell

Project 9

 Hygiene item collection for Homeless Veterans

Members will donate hygiene items for the local homeless veterans 

Project Leaders: Barbara Mlnarik

Project 10

Recycling glasses, hearing aids, and cell phones

Members will donate glasses, hearing aids and cell phones to the Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation.

Project Leader: Judy Shelton

                            New Projects

Project 1 - School Youth Gardening Project

Members will volunteerm encourage, teach and assist Navajo Elementary School students, teachers and parents to plant a vegetable and flower garden using existing garden boxes that have gone unused for years. Will include repairs, donation of tools, plants and soil.  Revitalizing the beds teaches the children basic life skills and can supplement their classes.  The children will practice writing through observation journals, apply science knowledge as they watch plant life cycles, utilize math skills through measurements of the plant growth and better understand history and other cultures through growing their own food.  They can learn lessons in responsibility, communication, teamwork and patience. Application will be made for the NGC President's Project Grant of Plant America

Project Leaders: Aurien Preiss, Judy Shelton, Lucy Samuels, Mary Victor

Project 2 - Garden Tools Rally Day

Members will donate gently used garden tools and gloves or make a small donation to help supply school gardens with needed tools

Project Leader: Aurien Preiss

Project 3 - Arbor Day Tree Planting

Scottsdale Garden Club will donate a tree to be planted ina public area of Scottsdale to be enjoyed by future generations.

Project Leader: Mary Victor